Alfred Prasad: Fine Bean and Potato Curry

This recipe is from Great British Chefs and can be found HERE.

I like a curry as much as the next person, however I was dubious with the idea of a dry curry. This means without sauce. Now, I do like a tandoori grilled piece of meat or fish, but a dry curry is slightly different, and this one is excellent.

It is so nice every so often to have a meal that does not rely on meat. Usually with a curry I will have chicken or lamb, but this has opened my eyes to the idea of vegetarian curries. Although I feel the cumin gives it a more middle-eastern feel than what you might find in your traditional Indian/Pakistani curry.

The recipe presented did not say what to do with the onions. I treated them like I would in any other curry, browning them off early on, so early in-fact that I put them in with the cumin at the start of the cooking. This worked for me.

I used all of the optional extras in this meal. I found the garam masala added a nice warmth and the tomato paste added both sweetness and the slight acidic tang that is expected. This worked well with the lime, and helped to cut through the turmeric and cumin.

I do think that this recipe could work with some form of a sauce – maybe as a saag using spinach or sorrel? I do not think it is necessary, but could work – create a tomato sauce adding in chilli, turmeric, garlic and onion, and wilt down spinach or sorrel into the mix. Then mix the dry curry with the sauce just before serving so that you maintain the crispy potato texture. Just an idea though!

Let me know what you think about this recipe.