Marcus Wareing: Honey-Baked Feta with Lavender, Thyme and Rye Crisps

This is a fascinating recipe from Marcus Wareing (found here at Great British Chefs) that uses the perfume of the lavender and thyme really well to counteract the honey sweetness and the rye flavour.
The dish works well in its own right, but I would make 2 alterations, or more accurately, suggestions. I would suggest using a lavender honey if you can find it (try looking here). This has a slightly more mellow taste, some call it flowery. I think it adds to this dish another dimension, and exaggerates the lavender taste running through it. Lavender honey does tend to be more expensive, and with the amount of honey used in this recipe you might not want to go to that expense, however, I really do recommend trying it.
Secondly I found the amount of honey slightly too much. For me, this overpowered the cheese itself. Feta has a lovely saltiness that compliments sweet flavours, but can so easily be overpowered. I would suggest starting with a lower amount of honey for your first attempt (however this is solely my taste!).
My final point is to consider the use of the black pepper. Do not miss it out. Honey and Black pepper are a match of absolute delight and it works so well in this dish. I don’t really know how to describe it, but the black pepper cuts through the honey and anchors the dish into the savory world. Without the pepper, this dish could jump easily on to the dessert menu.
In the wise words of James Martin “Enjoy this one!” Find the recipe HERE.