Merlin Labron-Johnson: Crudo of Halibut, Smoked Cream and Heritage Radishes

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I like this meal. I think the flavours work incredibly well and the textures do as well. However, it is a fiddly dish that I would rarely cook. Not everyone has a smoker just lying about. I tried this without smoked cream using the cream recipe below without the smoke. it worked, but it definitely lacked the oomph that is delivered by smoking it.

Surprisingly, the raspberry powder really does add something. I have always been dubious about using powdered fruit on dishes, but this surprised me. It softened the bite of the smoke and the sharpness of the sorrel nicely.

To conclude, this is a lovely dish, but takes some technical skill to get correct and create all of the components. I personally wish it could be more simple to get the same results, but other methods do not seem to work. For example, using smoked fish is overpowering; really you need to smoke the cream yourself. Getting raspberry powder can be difficult; creating your own is not easy either, but it is a beautiful addition to the dish and adds a much needed sweetness, which acts as a temper to the smokiness of the cream.