Simon Rimmer: Dukkah Lamb Cutlets with Quinoa Salad

This was originally made on ‘Something for the Weekend’ and can be found here.

This week I have created recipes for salads to have with your barbecue. I love the recipe below and make it often for my family. This recipe is a great example of a meal that can be made specifically for the barbecue.

Once you have prepared the lamb it tastes beautiful cooked over an open fire, with the smoke adding a lovely dimension to the flavour. Rather than griddle the lamb, add it straight to a hot barbecue for the same length of time and you will have an incredible tasty piece of meat.

The dukkah mix is a great one for other meat or fish too. I have use prawns before, still in their shells, with the spice mix and it has worked really well (although the flavour stayed only on the outside). I recommend using deshelled prawns as the flavour will seep into the meat.