The Hairy Bikers: Roasted Strawberry and Black Pepper Scones

This is an older recipe from the Hairy Bikers, and a good way to use those strawberries that are maybe a little to small for other uses. Strawberries have had a good year this year, the hot sun near us (in Manchester) has allowed for significant growth.  As a result there has been a good harvest allowing me to eat lots of strawberries, and I have needed to find new ways to eat them all. That said, my daughter, aged 21 months, has thoroughly enjoyed eating directly off the plants.
Regardless of how you pronounce scone (stone or gone) this recipe will work for you.  I personally do not like raisins or sultanas, so the use of strawberries to replace these is a fantastic idea.
I was unsure about the addition of black pepper, but it brings a different dimension to the flavour, almost exaggerating the sweetness of the strawberry.  I hadn’t realised that this was a well known flavour combination until I tried it, and since, have seen a range of different products using the flavours.  My favourite idea is obviously the strawberry and black pepper gin, which I am quite excited to try sometime in the future. The Hairy Bikers roast their strawberries.  This is a necessary step, as it makes the strawberries sweeter and dryer.  If you put in moist fresh strawberries you will end up with a damp scone, with a cloying texture.  If you use pre-dried strawberries, you will lose the sweeter flavours and the black pepper will be overpowering. Finally, the Hairy Bikers suggest serving with clotted cream.  I concur, however, nothing beats strawberry Jam and clotted cream.  Either make your own (there is a good recipe here) or buy a small jar. 
Now the only question is: cream first then jam, or jam first then cream… decisions decisions.
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